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About Us

Starting point; In the light of the Sunnah and Quran, it is to raise and educate Muslims who benefit themselves, his family, his environment, his country and all of humanity. To provide an exceptional Islamic education in accordance with Ahli-Sunnah Wa’l-Jamaah for every Muslim with or without access to education.


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Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) said: Verily, sadaqah (charity) will protect people from the heat (distress and punishment) in their graves. Verily, the believer will take shelter in the shade of his sadaqah on the Day of Qiyāmah.

Bayhaqī, Shu‘ab al-Īmān

Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) said: (Fast of) The month of Ramadān al-Sharif is suspended between the Earth and the sky. It will only be elevated to Allāh Ta‘ālā (its reward is given in full) by (discharging) Sadaqah al-Fitr.

Munāwī Faydh al-Qadīr

Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) said: What if one of you gave a nāfilah sadaqah and gifted its reward to his parents, making its rewards credited for his parents! (By doing so) Nothing would be diminished from your reward.

Tabarānī, al-Mu‘jam al-Awsāt

Rasūlullāh (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) said: Allāh Ta‘ālā says: If you spend (in sadaqah), son of Ādam, I shall spend on you (give you many blessings in both worlds).

Muttafaqun Alayh

Our Education Method

Educations provided

Education and practises related to the religion of Islam is provided for weekend, after-school and boarding students.

Ages for education

Religious education is given to middle school and high school girls and boys, as well as adult Muslims.

Where are the education given?

Our educations are given physically in our mosque.